Don't live another disorganized day!

Experience peace of mind. Enjoy an orderly, well-organized space. Locate important
papers and valuables in an instant. Improve productivity. Eliminate stress. Conquer
clutter and create a relaxing environment.

Create Filing Systems

Easily Organized will create foolproof, easy-to-use filing systems for your home and office allowing you to manage paperwork, files and valuable records with ease.

Organize Financials

Easily Organized has been trusted for years by many of its clients to pay bills, balance accounts and manage other personal and professional financial paperwork.

Assist with Life Transitions

Easily Organized can assist in the decision-making process in regards to paperwork and belongings during life transitions such as illness, divorce and bereavement.

Schedule Follow-Ups

Easily Organized can, and encourages clients, to establishing periodic monthly, quarterly or annual sessions to maintain and refresh your spaces and filing systems.

What we do for our clients

It’s easier than you think, when you partner with a trusted professional organizer serving the Dallas TX area. Easily Organized transforms your home or office into the haven it was meant to be.

  • Enjoy a sense of relief and confidence that comes with knowing your affairs are in order.
  • With order restored, homes become more beautiful and hospitality becomes easier.
  • Offices become more productive and creativity flows from the calmness.

What clients are saying about us

  • “Dina is priceless. I depend on her a lot and would most likely be lost without her. She is very professional, very efficient and most of all very trustworthy …she ...
    Toni Azinger, wife of Professional Golfer Paul Azinger, Sarasota, Florida

  • “…extremely organized, can work independently, and I can depend on her to follow through to ensure the job gets done…”
    Joyce N., Newman Group, Inc., New York City
  • “I was just sitting here at my home office making some client calls and enjoying how relaxing (i.e. organized) it is. In the last few weeks, I have worked more ...
    John L., Certified Financial Planner, Dallas, Texas
  •  “I would trust her with anything that I have. She has organized every room in my home. Phenomenal, reliable, caring, and courteous. She is a must for us, especially around ...
    Judy H., Fort Myers, Florida
  • “…professional, efficient, charming, and a dream to work with.”
    Sheila M., Atlanta, Georgia
  • “One of a kind office assistance…honest, fast in her work, caring, and reliable.”
    Richard K., retired, Sarasota, Florida